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Linux Shared Hosting Pune We Provide best SSD Linux shared hosting, One of the most effective Linux web hosting pune, cheap Linux shared hosting Pune, unlimited Linux shared hosting Pune, fastest and latest Linux shared hosting Pune. Linux Shared Web Hosting is one of the most common types of hosting people are looking for on the web. Whether you are trying to host WordPress or Joomla, Drupal or Magento, they all run on Linux servers. Since 2003, Arvixe has been bringing you world class quality Linux shared web hosting services all around the world. We strive to provide top quality linux hosting with a rare combination of unmatched reliability and affordability that most shared hosting companies don't provide.

We are a very developer friendly web hosting firm. If it's simply a tool that your website is going to use, we'll make sure that you have it on the server. We will go as far as possible unless the request compromises the security or the integrity of our service.

What is Linux Hosting?

Simply put, Linux hosting is any type of hosting using the operating system called Linux on the server. Linux is a Unix-like operating system provided as a free, open source choice. It was first developed in 1991 as a free operating system for Intel x86-based computers. Since, it has become one of the most popular open source operating systems on the market.

Advantages of Linux Shared Hosting


Maybe the most important benefit for most is the price. Since Linux is an open source platform, there's no charge to use it for your hosting. This allows hosting companies to keep their prices lower compared to Windows hosting.


With a Linux server, you can do many things, such as create a blog, website, multimedia application, forum or any other online entity.


Of course, a very important benefit of a Linux server, especially for shared hosting, is the security. This operating system has proven time and time again to be more secure than any other choice.


Since Linux was one of the first operating systems created, it provides better reliability than Windows.


Another huge benefit coming from Linux shared hosting is the simplicity. In most cases, it's easier and more user-friendly than Windows hosting.


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